RGS-IBG19 CfP Relational approaches to ageing, care and the life-course

Call for papers: Relational approaches to ageing, care and the life-course

RGS-IBG 28th – 30th August 2019, London

Amy Barron and Caitlin Henry, The University of Manchester

Twenty-four years on from Harper and Laws’ (1995) call for more research on the ‘geographies of ageing’, many opportunities for theoretical, methodological and empirical advancement persist. Geographers are perhaps missing a crucial opportunity to inform understandings of the processes, performances, practices and often-overlooked aspects of ageing and older age. Moreover, despite developments toward relational and more-than representational geographies of ageing over the past decade, studies of older age in geography are often viewed in isolation from other parts of the life-course (Hopkins and Pain, 2007; Skinner et al., 2015). While there is a growing literature on care for older people in geography, more attention needs to be paid to how care intersects with other aspects of life. Although this session is particularly interested in research concerning older people, we also welcome those who are interested in other stages of the life-course. The session seeks to advance geographies of ageing scholarship by bringing together scholars who are broadly interested in the following themes:

  • The life-course, intersectionality and intergenerationality
  • The lived experiences of older people and older age
  • Health, care and the relations between older people, care providers, family and the places they inhabit
  • Complicating identities and assumptions associated with particular ages
  • Bringing care together with other needs and realities in the lives of older people
  • Contemporary theoretical and methodological approaches to researching ageing, older age and the life-course

Please email your title and abstract of no more than 250 words, along with your name, institution and discipline to amy.barron [at] manchester.ac.uk and caitlin.henry [at] manchester.ac.uk by no later than Tuesday 12th February.