Manchester Village Stories

What is Manchester Village Stories?

Manchester Village Stories is a research project at The University of Manchester. We are interested in learning about:

  • Your experiences of Manchester’s Gay Village
  • Why and how the Village is important for you as an LGBTQ+ space
  • If and how your everyday experiences and feelings about the village have changed over time
  • How you think the Village should look in the future

All are welcomed to participate, but we are particularly interested in hearing the stories and experiences of older LGBTQ+ people. This research will help to inform policy about urban development in Manchester. Share a story via the website here:

Our goal:

We want to evoke an image of what the Village was, what it is, and what it could become.

We want to open a conversation about the kinds of spaces, venues and services that have existed in the Village, exist now, or people would like in the future. We use an approach called ‘participatory mapping’ to help people think about the Village and its importance.

With your help, we can gather enough material to have input in policy decisions around urban development in Manchester, service provisions, history and heritage.

Who are we?

We are a team of four researchers based at The University of Manchester interested in understanding people’s experiences of Manchester’s Gay Village. We are Dr Amy Barron (Geography, SEED), Dr Jamie Garcia IglesiasDavid Dobson and Jess Mancuso (Sociology, SOSS). You can contact us here.